Black Beanie for Troop

Hats are needed right now to keep the troop warm. I’ve made a bunch of them and can attest they can fit a multitudes of man sized heads and keep them warm. I have a ton of super warm and soft angora/merino yarn (ok, just 6 pounds) from Pat Fly at Angora Valley Fibers and use 6 strands together for a heavy DK weight yarn. I prefer knitting with small sized needles and can’t stand quickie projects with bulky yarn and large needles. This pattern uses a size 3 needle but it is just a hat so it should take hardly any time at all. The knitted items will look better, fit better and less bulky. This pattern is also easy to remember and I can knit this while half sleeping on the bus and half blind in the dark. It is also super warn because it is lined with another layer of angora yarn and stretchy for one-size-fits-most.

Here’s the finished object on a Mata Ortiz pot.

A 16″ size 3 (US) circular knitting needle
Another size 3 circular knitting needle or double pointed needles as you get to the crown of the hat.
1 crochet hook (to make chain stitches)
1 darning needle

2 ball dk weight wool or wool blends (preferably dark colors)
1 ball fingering weight wool or wool blends (preferably light colors)


Bottom border:
Use waste yarn (DK or worsted weight) and crochet hook 120 chains. Pick up 110 loops behind the chain and place them on a circular needle. A smaller sized needle, such as a size 1, works best to pick up the stitches. Use working yarn and knit up 110 stitches and join (do not twist the row obviously, you all know that!) Purl the next row and begin the pattern repeat below.

10 Stitch Pattern Repeat
Row 1: p3, k7. Repeat to end.
Row 2 and all even number rows, knit:
Knit rows 1 and 2 twice.

Row 7: k3, p7. Repeat to end.
Repeat row 7 and row 8 five times

Row 17: Repeat rows 1 and 2 twice.
Row 20: Make 2 lift increase to increase the number of stitches to 112.
Row 21: P

R22 and on, knit for 6 inches from the beginning.

Decrease for crown:
Row 1: Knit 14, knit 2tog (repeat 7x),
Row 2: Knit 13, knit 2tog (repeat 7x),
Row 3: Knit 12, knit 2tog (repeat 7x), etc. until you have 7 stitches left. Cut yarn leave 6-inch tail and darn in.

Unravel chain stitches and using bright contrast fingering yarn to pickup 110 casted on stitches. Knit 18 rows. Use darning needle and darn each live stitch to the bump of the backside of row 20. There is no cast-on/cast-off edge so the hat is super flexible and the lining provided added warmth.

Here’s the detail on the outside border and the inside lining.


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