Blended Bats

I have some hand-dyed Merino that is pretty, but not spectacular. The color is a little muted and I just know what when it is spinned and knitted up, the finished object will look washed out. So I broke the colors into chunks and blended it with tussah silk and angora (from Betty Chu’s flock!). I plan to spin and knit the colors separately for a more vibrant effect.

Blending with a drum carder is hard work! The angora and silk are fine fibers and they like to stick to themselves. Furthermore, ratio to wool for these fibers need to be pretty significant to see any results. I don’t have a scale so I don’t know the exact blend, but it must be at least 50% merino, 20% angora and 40% silk. Each color had at least four passes and it is still not well blended. Good thing I like variations in my yarn and here’s the result.

Here’s a close up

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