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New Drum Carder

After several attempts to borrow the drum carder from the spinning guild, I gave up and bought a used drum carder from Pam (hi Pam!). It is modeled after the Frickle drum carder with sharp “tacks” in the small drum … Continue reading

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Girasole is FO

Finished Girasole in less than 2 weeks during the 2010 Winter Olympics. Started in Jared Flood class on Sunday 2/16 and finished yesterday on Friday 2/26. Overall, this circular shawl looks a lot more difficult than it is. The most … Continue reading

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Perfect Kroger

I don’t know if this is the norm, but Kroger is a perfectly behaved rabbit. He isn’t ready to let me flip him over and rake his belly, but he is acting very un-bunny like. I’ve read house rabbit books … Continue reading

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More Stitch Markers

The supplies are amazing cheap at the Jewelry district. These bears are ten cents each and the glass beads are a few dollars per string.

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Stitch Markers

I am knitting Girasole and need about 30 stitch markers. The good thing is that I also dabble on jewelry making, the bad thing is that I collect another hobby, and the worst thing is that the jewelry district of … Continue reading

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Bobbins for the Pocket Wheel

I’ve been lusting after the Pocket Wheel for more than one year. Production of the wheel stopped for a while then started again by a different wheel maker. There is a long waiting list for this wheel and I won’t … Continue reading

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Progress on Girasole

Girasole is going nicely. Great project to work while watching the Winter 2010 Olympics. The color on the second photo is more true. The yarn is Debbie Bliss Alpaca Silk.

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