Knitting with Jared Flood

I took a class with Jared Flood at KnitCulture last Sunday. The only class available was Girasole and I signed up for it. Honestly, I don’t covet a big circular shawl/throw/table cloth, and it seems easy enough that I can manage myself. But I want to support him, the LYS, and knit with others. Jared is a great teacher and a nice young man.

I’m knitting Seneca (also by Jared Flood) and somehow I ended up with XS (I casted on 160 instead of 180!). But I plowed on and it fits OK, but I prefer to have some ease so I frogged and casted on again with the correct stitches this time. This is before frogging…

I also bought Kroger a harness and took him out for a little walk in the back yard. He seems to enjoy himself.


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One Response to Knitting with Jared Flood

  1. June says:

    I love that little tuft of hair on the top of his head.

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