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Who is More Cute?

I’m in New Jersey with June and her new house. The house is spacious, full of light and being redecorated from traditional style to a modern style to suit the urban, hip and young couple. While the crystal chandelier and … Continue reading

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Spring is here. I’ve neglected my gardening duties for the love of all things fiber. After the several months of winter rain, the yard is growing wild. Even though it is green and beautiful, all I could think of is … Continue reading

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All is Well

Despite much protestations from my hubby and son, I took Kroger to the vet to have him “fixed” yesterday. The vet was recommended by the Bunny Luv Rescue center so the Dr. has done this many times. The staff were … Continue reading

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Delivery from Elann

I just received a delivery from The cotton/linen yarn looks kind of disappointing, but I won’t know until I knit a swatch and throw in the washer/dryer. I hope it will soften up after the harsh treatment. I slated … Continue reading

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Seneca on Me

Thanks to Day Light Saving’s time, I got home early enough to get this photo in natural light. It’s another warm day in California and this sweater got insufferably hot in just a few minutes. Seneca Pullover by Jared Flood … Continue reading

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Seneca is FO

Seneca, another Jared Flood project, is finished. This project took a while because it was ripped one-quarter along the way and it was knitted mostly on the bus to/from work. But I’m pretty happy the way it turns out because … Continue reading

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Kroger needs gumption

After several days of climbing effortlessly up and down the circular stairway, Kroger is having a crisis of confidence. I’m not sure if it is the breed or the way he was raised, Kroger is a nervous bunny. He did … Continue reading

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