Portable knitting patterns

I have not found a good way to carry my knitting patterns with me, until now. Knitting patterns are published from books, magazines and downloadable PDF documents. Since space has always been a precious commodity in magazines, the editors would take huge photos of the models but shrink the knitting instructions to tiny font and the diagrams to tiny charts. With my aging eyes, I usually have to blow up the instructions but the colors charts are lost with the black/white copier. I’ve had better luck with downloadable PDF files, but I still have to print, put them in see through plastic holders, carry highlighters and pack them with the projects. And sometimes I just misplaced them. Major inconvenience.

I’ve found a great app on the iTouch that organizes and displays PDF files and Word docs. I now carry knitting patterns in my iTouch and no longer rifle through papers to find the right pattern. The zoom feature is priceless. The app is Goodreader and it costs merely $0.99. Best 99 cents I’ve ever spent. To copy PDF files to the iTouch, you do not sync using the USB port but use WIFI to upload the documents via the iTouch’s IP address. It is available from the iPhone app store, takes one minute to download, and ten minutes to fidget with the file transfer.

Maybe I need a Kindle?

This image is a print screen (press Home and Power buttons simultaneously on the iTouch) of the Endpaper mitten pattern from Eunny Yang that I’ve printed in PDF and transferred using Goodreader. Then I use WordPress for the iPhone app to post. Cool!

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