Autumn Rose Pullover

Last Saturday at our local spinning guild meeting, one of our members passed away and her stash was distributed among the members. I don’t know her but her stash touches me deeply because everything was collected with future potentials. So I went back to my stash and decided to complete one of the dog projects that has been neglected for a long time.

So I’m back working on Eunny Yang’s Autumn Rose pullover in Simply Shetland (Tomales Bay.) Just few rows and I remember why I hated working on this project. The charts are all reverse and the dark shaded boxes correspond to the light colored yarn. The logic escapes me. I much prefer working with symbols instead of shaded boxes. I’ve knitted many Alice Starmore Faire Isle sweaters and loves the way she uses symbols for the pattern repeats. I struggled through this project and it was 85% completed before I got tired of it. The remaining 15% took just one week but it wasn’t enjoyable. I’m glad it is DONE!

Prior to cutting the steek.

Post steek.

It is a beautifully designed project, but I wish the instructions were better.


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One Response to Autumn Rose Pullover

  1. Lynn says:

    this is stunning!
    You must be pleased you made it through!

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