Kroger needs gumption

After several days of climbing effortlessly up and down the circular stairway, Kroger is having a crisis of confidence. I’m not sure if it is the breed or the way he was raised, Kroger is a nervous bunny. He did not venture upstairs yesterday, although I can hear him tried several times. It is known that French angoras are skittish, as oppose to the German angoras, who are more affectionate, or the English angoras, who act like pampered children. I was tempted several times to pick him up and bring him upstairs, but he likes that even less.

It is a huge accomplishment for him to go up the stairs because the oak planks have no traction for his feet. Furthermore, the space between the planks are wide enough for him to fall through, and the height is drizzling for him. He has gone up and down the same stairs without any difficulties, and now seems to have given up and sulks by himself downstairs. I’m going to Home Depot tonight and get some cardboards to cover the openings, and some tape for the floor to give him some traction.


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5 Responses to Kroger needs gumption

  1. Cheryl says:

    Dear Mom…I would really just like carpet.

    • Mom says:

      Mom was high on a ladder yesterday, covering the opening with duct tapes and plastic. Mom also taped non-slid strips on the stairs. Mom hopes that Kroger doesn’t eat plastic.

  2. two housebunnies & their humans says:

    what beautiful fur!

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