Seneca is FO

Seneca, another Jared Flood project, is finished. This project took a while because it was ripped one-quarter along the way and it was knitted mostly on the bus to/from work. But I’m pretty happy the way it turns out because it fits me nicely and it is done in time for my trip to NY. Knitting Seneca reminds me of knitting The Blue Shimmer (a Bohus) sweater, except Seneca starts at the bottom and The Blue Shimmer starts at the collar. The yarn is Sublime Merino Angora that I bought from Little Knits at a huge discount, original $130 to $38.99 for 10 balls. I made Seneca in Small and used just 7 balls of yarn. Sublime Merino Angora is 80% merino and 20% angora and it was loosely spun for softness and warmth. However, the angora fiber was flying every where and I have a feeling that this sweater will shed.

Circular pullover with a yoke is not flattering for most people, especially those who are height-challenged like me. This is my forth or fifth sweater with this construction and even though it is easy to knit and requires hardly any sewing up, I will stay away from this design for a while. Plus the halo from the angora will add another 5 pounds to my shoulders. I’ll post photo of me in this sweater as a reminder to knit only sweaters with structured shapes such as cap sleeves, v-neck, and vertical motif.

Seneca, designed by Jared Flood

Sublime Angora Merino


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