All is Well

Despite much protestations from my hubby and son, I took Kroger to the vet to have him “fixed” yesterday. The vet was recommended by the Bunny Luv Rescue center so the Dr. has done this many times. The staff were friendly and one came out just to say Kroger is a beautiful bunny and they have worked with many rabbits and none look like him. The Dr. told me the risk of rabbits being sensitive to anesthesia and there are risks involved. I almost back pedaled while Kroger looked so frighten on the examination table. But I made the difficult decision to have him “fixed” for his own health. I called the vet after the operation and everything went well.

I picked him up after work and could hear him being stressed out in the back seat. As soon as he was home, he perked up and went straight into his cage and hopped inside his cardboard box. Poor thing, he just wanted to be left alone.

He is much better today and behaves as if nothing has happened. He hopped upstairs to the living room, all stretched out on the marble hearth next to me. All is well.

Bonus photo. Kroger loves to chew on the Knitpicks catalog. Notice the intact Ikea’s paper curtain.


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One Response to All is Well

  1. Cheryl says:

    Sending pets & loving thoughts to Kroger!

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