Odds and Ends

I left my camera at June’s so there are no original photos in this blog. The trip to NJ was great and I’m glad the weather was gorgeous while I was there. There is so much flooding in the NE and I just missed the flood of the century.

Kroger has lived with me for more than two months and I have NEVER cut his toe nails. I checked his nails occasionally and they don’t seem that long. What gives? So I bought a pet nail cutter and flipped him over on his back and proceed to make the first cut. It was a disaster! I managed to cut into his quick and he was bleeding! The bleeding stopped after a while but I should have been more careful. I felt badly and stopped after just one cut. I sprinkled some corn-starch afterward and he seems to be unperturbed by the experience. The funny thing is that throughout this ordeal, he laid quietly and peacefully while being groomed. The last time I flipped him on his back for grooming, he kicked me furiously, scratched me and stuffed my nose with flying fur.

Last night, I took the plunge to place an order for the Pocket Wheel. I have always wanted this wheel and finally have the opportunity to place the order after a year of waiting. There is a long history about this wheel and production was ceased for a while. But it is back in production and I will be joining other spinners who rave about this wheel. It weights only 6 pounds and has a full-sized bobbin. I love my Matchless wheel but this Jaguar of wheel is too heavy and precious to lug around. The Pocket Wheel is the lightest and smallest wheel around but acts like full-sized model.

Here’s the photo of the wheel, lifted from the official web site.

And here’s a video on YouTube of the Pocket Wheel in action.


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One Response to Odds and Ends

  1. June Nguyen says:

    Did you receive the camera? I also sent you some Scarlet Glow Tea.

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