Is molting going to happen soon?

Kroger is a French angora bunny and this breed is suppose to molt every three months. I have him for more than three months and there is no sign of molting. Furthemore, he still has his baby coat and he is a 9 month-old bunny. He is one big fur ball and I’m afraid that he will have fur block if he continues grooming himself. I prefer plucking to cutting for easier spinning but time is running out. The weather is still cool in southern California but it can turn on a dime and he will be miserable when the temperature hits 90 or 100. I wonder if he has German relatives, who do not blow their coats, somewhere along his genealogy.

Shearing time?


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2 Responses to Is molting going to happen soon?

  1. Cheryl says:

    He looks undernourished to me! LOL!

  2. June Nguyen says:

    shear him!

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