Not as Easy as I thought

Last Saturday at the Guild, during show-and-tell, a member showed us a beautiful, self-made walnut spindle. I gave it a try but it doesn’t spins as well as my Bosworth spindles. The Bosworth spindles not only spin forever but they are so beautiful that their owners treat them as beloved pets. Productions are limited because of the availability of the woods and production schedules. Fans would be on the waiting list for months, welcome their arrivals, take glamor shots of their spindles and post on Flicker.

Here’s my Bosworth midi

I’ve always wanted to make some simple homemade spindles to give away and this seems like an afternoon project. So I went to Michael’s and bought some wooden toy wheels and Home Depot to get some wood glue and cup hooks. It was relatively easy to assemble the components, I drilled tiny holes in the chop sticks and shove the wooden wheels and cup hooks and voila, homemade spindles.

Looks good…but

it spins like sh_t. The law of physics is not cooperating and my spindles are wobbling … big time. The wooden wheels are balanced and the chop sticks are relatively straight, so what’s the problem? Imagine an invisible line from the top of the spindle where the yarn is hooked to the end of the shaft. This line has to be straight to avoid wobbling and for the entire afternoon, despite many attempts to bend the hooks, I failed miserably to make one functional spindle. So I ate some humble pie today; making spindles is not as easy as I thought.

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