From Sheep to Sock

With all this fibery goodness, one might thought I haven’t been knitting. Well, not seriously. I’ve been taking small and mindless knitting projects everywhere I go. Knitters are a busy bunch; they can’t stand having nothing to do with their hands and being idle. So I knit on the bus, while waiting in line, watching TV, etc.

I’m proud to say I’ve completed my first sheep to garment project, abeit a modest pair of socks. For more details, read here to see how I transformed the wool from a sheep’s back to the yarn used for this project.

The pattern was designed by Cook A. and free in Knitty. I picked this pattern because the subtle colors from the pot-dyed yarn show up on the pattern, but does not obscure the lace.


About knottyewe

Blogging about knitting, making yarn, and making socks.
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One Response to From Sheep to Sock

  1. June says:

    Nice socks!

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