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Color Blending on Combs

If I was given a choice between combing and carding to process wool, I would pick combing in an instant. It is simply the best tool to get your fiber free of vegetable matter, line up the fiber straight for … Continue reading

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Fleece Quota

If I can just hunker down to just one fleece per year, this would be it. This is Violet’s fleece, a Bond-Corriedale cross. She is sister to Virgil, and her fleece is just as lovely.

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Spindle Update2

All of a sudden, I’m obsessed about acquiring and making spindles. They all came about when I bought the Karerian Birch spindle from Journey Wheel, and seeing spindles made by Channing, a member of our guild. His spindles are beautiful … Continue reading

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Looking Better

After so many complaints about Kroger’s bad hair cut, I’m happy to say he is growing quite nicely into his new do. He is more active and getting into a lot of troubles lately. He managed to push past the … Continue reading

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Bye Bye First Wheel

We fiberholics accumulate a lot of stuff. Some of us have closets busting with fleeces, shelves full of yarn, rovings, and dyes, tables scattered with combs, drum carders, and spindles. And there is also Kroger, who is a mischievous fiber … Continue reading

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Dyeing Base Fiber with Gray Undertone

I love colors but I know next to nothing about color combinations. I’m familiar with the color wheels and how one can make complementary and tertiary colors, etc. but my understanding of color theory is limited. Well, none is more … Continue reading

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Studio Retreat 66 and Silk Reeling

What a weekend! I’ve been looking forward to this weekend for the last two months. I signed up for Studio Retreat 66 in March and this event truly delivered. The 3-day retreat from Friday to Sunday was a whirlwind of … Continue reading

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