Dyeing Base Fiber with Gray Undertone

I love colors but I know next to nothing about color combinations. I’m familiar with the color wheels and how one can make complementary and tertiary colors, etc. but my understanding of color theory is limited. Well, none is more exact. So I know what I like but have no clue why certain color combinations are more appealing than others. I’m most fascinated with the interplay with colors, such as how one color can be more intense and pure when placed next to another.

Lately, I’m into gray undertone and I love it when the gray adds so much more depth and sophistication to pure color. At the Studio 66 Retreat, all the participants were given off-white wool for the Crock Pot dye class. But I didn’t want off-white for the base yarn and bought 4 oz. of white/black 50/50 blended Blue Face Leicester from Chameleon Colorworks. This blend is very similar to the fiber at Crown Mountain Farm that’s current on sale at $25 per pound.

Since there were plenty of room in the crock pot, I threw in a skein of gray alpaca (Classic Elite Alpaca Sox Solid in Ash) on the top layer where I sprinkled the lightest shade which happened to be bright yellow. I think the result would have been slime if the base yarn was off-white but instead, it is mostly steely green due to the gray undertone. Needless to say, I’m really happy with the various shades of yellow, green, gray, and blue.

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