Bye Bye First Wheel

We fiberholics accumulate a lot of stuff. Some of us have closets busting with fleeces, shelves full of yarn, rovings, and dyes, tables scattered with combs, drum carders, and spindles. And there is also Kroger, who is a mischievous fiber producing bunny, demands constant vigilance, I can’t seem to have the time to play with all my toys. I decided to thin the herd and get rid of things that I no longer use. First to go is my Ashford Traditional. This is my first wheel and it taught me a lot of about spinning. It has been sitting neglected for a while and needs to go to a good home. I’ll miss it and it will be well taken care by a member of our spinning guild.

About knottyewe

Blogging about knitting, making yarn, and making socks.
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