Spindle Update2

All of a sudden, I’m obsessed about acquiring and making spindles. They all came about when I bought the Karerian Birch spindle from Journey Wheel, and seeing spindles made by Channing, a member of our guild. His spindles are beautiful and original, especially the Zebra wood ones.

After several attempts of making whorls from polymer clay, I decided that they are not for me because they are too heavy for spinning lace weight yarn. I checked the Internet and found out about the Glendale Woodturning Guild, which happened to meet last Saturday in La Cresenta, about 40 minutes from my house. I was hesitant at first, but was reward with meeting many friendly new faces and saw some spectacular pieces from the Show And Tell. Apparently, there are many members in the Guild who are world class woodworkers. The Pres, a talented and outgoing gal, suggested that I take a class with Steve Dunn.

So last Sunday, a friend at the Guild, the husband of a spinner and me drove to Gardena to take a wood turning class to make whorls. Steve is an excellent instructor and an amazing wood worker. We had our own lathe and each of us made two whorls. Below are my first attempts. They are much better because Steve did most of the hard work.

I have so much appreciation for spindle makers after taking this class, especially the ones who turn the entire spindle on a lathe. The work doesn’t take as much time as knitting or spinning, but it takes a lot of skill to turn out balanced spindles. I also realize that wood turning wastes a lot of wood. After subtracting out the cost of wood and skilled labor, spindle makers take in just a bit of profit margin and they are here for the love of their craft and not for getting rich.

Ash, 19 gm.

Koa, 27 gm.

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