Elastic Poly Drive Band

Last month, while I was at the Studio 66 Retreat, I spun on the Matchless little sister’s wheel, the Lady Bug. I was blown away by the easy treadling. It requires hardly any effort to get the wheel spinning and I was having second thoughts about my Matchless. The Lady Bug has poly-drive band over a plastic wheel and is much lighter than the Matchless.

I went home and tweaked all the nobs on my Matchless for easier treadling, including replacing the drive band, even tried double-drive and still, it feels like wading through mud. I can loosen the drive band for easier treading, but the wheel would just slip because of no traction. Worse yet, the Scotch tension requires a perfect balance between not taking up any yarn and not rotating flyer.

I browsed the Schatch group in Ravelry and found out that it is possible to replace the cotton drive band with poly craft cords and many Matchless owners are pleased with the result. So I went to Michaels and bought this for $2.75. Be sure to get the one that is a tube, not a flat cord. The neon colors are fun and will brighten up any wheels.

It took just 10 seconds to join the ends together, in contrast to the usual 10 minutes to sew the cotton cord with thread and needles. Joining the ends could not be any easier. Measure the length, put a candle on the floor, put the ends over the flame for an instance and push them together. I’m amazed at the difference. The treadling is effortless and I can start and stop on a dime. No hands to push along either. I’m in love with my Matchless again and no more second thoughts.

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