First Aid

I’m in the Ravelry‘s Bunny Rabbit Lovers and Angora Rabbit groups and compared to other rabbits, Kroger is quite low maintenance. He doesn’t nip, toilet trained himself, and really mellow, even when I clean his cage. In fact, each time I clean his cage, he is all busy running in and out and even sticks his head out for face rubs.

But stories of bunnies getting sick and die overnight are common, so I signed up for a First Aid for Rabbits class at the Bunnyluv Rabbit Resource Center. This is an awesome organization, staffed by volunteers who adore the bunnies and many knowledgeable staff who know more about treating rabbits than most vets.

I thought the class is a bit expensive at $50, but was pleasantly surprised that each student were given a first aid kit worth $40. The box includes syringes, aspirin, Critical Care, a thermometer, styptic powder, …. After the class, we were tasked to take the temperature of a bunny and it was ahem… more uncomfortable for us than the bunnies. But I managed it and I hope that I can provide some basic first aid to Kroger to make a difference.

First Aid Kit from

Who’s there?

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One Response to First Aid

  1. Denise says:

    He’s hiding because he doesn’t want you to play doctor ; )

    – Denise (dlotter on ravelry & twitter)

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