The Simplex is here

After so many years tinkering with antique sock machines, I decided to splurge on a modern sock machine. I want one that works out of the box and has all the parts and components for all sock sizes and yarn weights. This is the Simplex, a no-frill and less expensive NZAK sock machine manufactured by Delivery was superfast. It got here just over a week from New Zealand.

The machine was carefully packed and arrived in perfect condition. I took everything apart and put in a generous amount of Super Lube. It is a pleasure to see the new parts in polished aluminum manufactured using modern technology. The cylinders, cams are precise and perfectly round. I purchased the machine with the 72/36 cylinder/ribber combination and paid extra for another 64/32 cylinder/ribber combination and that’s it. No stand, no row counter, and no fancy buckle.

This machine has exposed cam shell and opposed to my Legare 400 which has an enclosed cam shell. It is easier to remove the needles and the big plus is the spring rest, which is a must have, but not available in my Creelman.

I love the slotted yarn guide. Changing yarn will be so much easier. I screwed a bale counter into the table then shoved a plastic anchor into the trigger. This works nicely as a row counter.

The ribber stopper is a huge improvement. It is much more accessible and there is no need to take out and put back when changing the cylinder.

It is a brand new machine and doesn’t crank as effortlessly as my antique ones. This will take time just like a new car. The sound it makes right now is a low purr, where as the sound from my Legare, especially the Creelman, is more musical. Anyway, I’m happy it is here and look forward to see Jacquie, Lynn, Kathleen and other crankers in Solvang this weekend.


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One Response to The Simplex is here

  1. Kathleen says:

    It’s a beauty!! …the twin to mine.
    I’ve got mine set up with the 64–one of my favorite sizes (ok, so my other favorites are ALL THE OTHERS!).
    Congratulations, Loan, on your beautiful, new machine. ‘See you Saturday!

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