Momi from Trindleman

I’m intrigue by a new generation of spindle called the Momi, made by Trindleman at his Etsy store. I’ve heard so much about them and decided to give it a try. His Etsy store has been empty for a long time and the resellers don’t even have them in stock. Finally, I received an announcement from Trindleman that the new Momis are available. These are the new generation of Momis and I like them even more than the soft arms ones. I love the option of switching the arms because they are not glued to the hub.

The Momi is superfast and spins forever! It doesn’t have the beauty and warmth of wood, but it is the most productive spindle I’ve ever spun. If wood spindles are station wagons then the Monis are the convertibles. It has a completely different feel and capability. Not that wood spindles are inferior. The Bossies (top whorl) are fast and a feast for the eyes, The Jenkins (low whorl) are steady and fun to spin, and the Momis are production spindles that get the job done.

My Momi is cocobolo shaft and Labradorite beads. These beads are rocks, so they are understated and relatively heavy at 15gm (for a Momi). Trindleman also do custom job with your beads so I plan to go to the Jewelery district and get some colorful stones for a new set of arms.

Momi in action.

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