Mission Socks

Wheh! I just got back from the Mission Socks gathering in Solvang. Jacquie and Lynn from Autoknitter.com, two warm and wonderful ladies from New Zealand, fixed our machines and taught us how to make the most of our sock machines. I brought my problem child, the Creelman Money Maker for a diagnosis, and I also brought my new Simplex to the gathering. It turns out that the Creelman is as good as it is going to get. It will never be as good as the Legare 400 because it was not built like the top of the line Legare 400. It is still an excellent machine; it cranks smoothly, makes heel and ribbing easily. Its only draw back is that it can not knit as tight as the Legare 400 for my small feet.

The drive from home to Solvang was simply glorious, worthy of a California post card picture day. Highway 101, aka, El Camino Real, coasts through Pacific Coast Highway through Ventura, Santa Barbara and Santa Ynez. I’m among the closest since it only took me 1.5 hours. Ten of us gathered at the crank-in, one as far south as San Diego and another as far north as San Jose.

Solvang at last.

Just like the movie, Sideway

Mission Socks. These colorful and gorgeous socks were made by our host, Kathleen.

New Simplex machines

Sock machine parts

This gorgeous baby, a Legare 400, found a home today.

I’m happy but exhausted. I’m glad to finally meet the amazing Jacquie Grant. She knows everything there is to know about sock machines. In fact, she manufactures them.


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One Response to Mission Socks

  1. Cathies Blog says:

    Im just trying to work out my Simplex now,this gathering would have been wonderful!

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