Cashmara from Fly Design

I just received the nicest surprise from my vendor. Two weeks ago, I ordered some needles for my Simplex and the ribber needles were of the wrong size. I emailed Pat from Angora Valley, and she promptly sent me the replacement needles. I told her not to worry about the mix up and it costs me next to nothing to ship the needles back. To my surprise, I received a big package with the replacement needles and a 4 oz. skein of Cashmara.

OMG. It’s a heavenly blend of 80% superwash merino, 10% cashmere and 10% nylon, destined for a perfect pair of socks. It is incredibly soft and springy and the color will go well with everything. It would be a waste to use this on a sock machine, so I’ll hand knit this socks and enjoy the sensation of the cashmere wrapping around my fingers. The sockophoneplayer raves about Cashmara and this yarn deservingly so. Not only the kettle-dyed color is gorgeous and the yarn is soft and strong, it is also machine washed and dry. It is the perfect sock yarn. Thank you, Pat!

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