Knitpicks Tonal and Toe Up Socks

Finished Crocus Socks in Toe-Up Socks for Every Body by Wendy Johnson. This pattern is complicated enough to keep me entertained and easy enough to knit on the bus. I’ve always like toe-up socks and this book has many pretty socks and the photography is gorgeous. Highly recommended, in fact the Heart to Heart Socks from this book are going to be next.

The yarn is Knitpicks Stroll Tonal sock yarn and I love the hand dyed color ranging from mellow yellow to blushing apricot. However, I’m not so thrill about the yarn and wish it could be more spongy and cushy. This socks is knitted on a size 0 needle, 64 stitches around. Hand knitted socks feels much nicer than circular machine knitted socks because the tension is tighter so you can cramp more stitches into the same sock size. Some machine crankers use lycra to tighten the socks but I find the superfine lycra difficult to manage. I have three skeins of Stroll Tonal sock yarn and the other colors are Springtime and Queen Anne. These two are going to be knitted on the sock machine instead of hand knitted.


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