Spindlewood Spindle

I just received my first Spindlewood spindle and the hype is worth it. The word I can describe spinning this spindle is smooth. No wobble, no pulling, no resistance, in fact, I don’t even know it is spinning. Some people think that I might have gone nuts accumulating so many spindles, but they all spin differently. The Momi is fast, the Spindlewood is smooth, the Kundert is a workhorse, and the Bossie spins forever.

The wood is York Gum Burl and it is exceptional beautiful. I saw it on Ravelry and inquired Spindlewood to make one for me. But alas, the wood belongs to another! The owner bought the burl and sent it Spindlewood with a chance that the wood isn’t workable. But five spindles were turned from this piece of wood and there was enough for one more. The owner graciously gave the wood and I’m the proud owner of this exquisite spindle.

York gum burl, 2 1/8″ square mini, 30 grams.

80/20 merino/silk hand-dyed by me.

Cocobolo shaft, 8″


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