Dyeing For Socks – Almost Solid

Immersion dyeing for sock isn’t glamorous, but the subtle colors will show up with more depth than commercial dyed yarn and the understated colors will highlight the intricate work such as lace and cables. All of these colors were pre-mixed by Prochem.

This is Twilight at full strength.

Same Twilight, dyed with the unexhausted dye from the full strength dye bath. The soft color is more appealing to me than the full strength dye bath.

This is Mouse Grey at full strength.

The next one was a happy accident. This was originally Grass Hopper, but I hated the green, so I spot dyed with Sun Yellow, and overdyed the entire skein with Twilight.

Lastly, this neon green color will be knitted together with the previous skein. It’s a mix of Grass Hopper and Sun Yellow.


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