Almost Solid Socks

This pair was cranked from yarn that I dyed from last week’s dye day. The color way is Twilight and Mouse Grey. I placed drops of black dye over the Twilight for more depth. I could attest that most men prefer this subtle (but somewhat boring) dark colors. It feels masculine and safe.

The yarn is Cashsock from This yarn is 80% Merino, 10% cashmere and 10% nylon and the yardage is 400 yards per 100 gram. This is my favorite yarn because the Merino is so luxuriously soft that it feels as if there are more cashmere in the mix. The yarn is a round 4-ply so it feeds smoothly into the sock machine. This pair was cranked on the Simplex with the 64 cylinder and sized for a man medium.

It’s nice to go home and there is still some remaining day light to take a photo outside.

I also like the purl ridge over hemmed sock and went the extra mile to manually knitted all the knitted stitches into purl stitches. It was time consuming but the result is well worth it.


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Blogging about knitting, making yarn, and making socks.
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