2010 Ventura County Fair Spinning Challenge

Today, a bunch of us from the GLASG took the train to the Ventura Country Fair to participate in the spinning challenge sponsored by the Ventura County Handweavers and Spinning Guild. The challenge was held for spinners with spindles and wheels in the novice, intermediate and advance categories. This is our first year participating in the event and we were woefully under-prepared. The first fiber was washed Icelandic sheep wool for all the participants and the second fiber was Corriedale and Merino/Silk blend, depending on the experience of spinners. Many spinners who are used to working with commercial fibers were unprepared for the Icelandic wool since we had to card the fiber before spinning. I don’t have any problems with the first challenge. However, I was completely caught unprepared in the second challenge since I had to ply my single using a spindle, and I have not yet learned how to Andean ply.

Guess who won the Intermediate Spindle challenge?

Prior to the challenge, we toured the Livestock area and saw the most adorable farm animals. This is the only Shetland sheep in the fair. He’s a sweetheart.

This pair is super cute.

I didn’t see any Angora rabbits but this Lionhead is a cutie.

And this well dressed little ewe.

Can I bring her home?

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