Cashmara Socks

It’s August and about time to crank socks for Christmas gifts. This pair was knitted from Cashmara sock weight, dyed by Pat Fly of Angora Valley and given to me in June. It is an absolute dream to crank on the sock machine. The yarn is 80% Superwash Merino, 10% Cashmere and 10% nylon. The fiber combination is similar to Cashsock/MCN from, but the weight is slightly more substantial. Yardage per 4 oz. for Cashmara is 390 yards instead of 400 yards for MCN.

This pair was cranked on the 64/32 combo for a man medium. The main colorway is Teal and the heel and toes are in Shades of Teal.

I was very productive today and cranked another pair and this pair is for my sister-in-law. This is Cashsock/MCN from Wool2Dye4 and hand painted by me. The color way is from the ProChem WashFast Summer sampler in cantaloupe, watermelon and sun yellow.


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