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Musical Ears?

Each evening, while Minh pratices the piano, Kroger always comes up and listen. Those big ears do have good taste. This is Beethoven Tempest. Advertisements

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EZ Green Sweater

After so many months of spinning and cranking socks on the CSM, I’m itched to get back to hand knitting again. I wanted an easy project that I can knit in the dark (while commuting on the bus) and requires … Continue reading

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Kroger Update

So that’s where you’ve been hiding the Crasins… It’s all mine now. Can you leave me alone? Ayyyyy!

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Cone Yarn for Socks

In the age of heavily discounted and mass market merchandising where one can get a pair of wool socks for less than $7, most people would think circular sock machine owners are somewhat eccentric. We pay $1,000 for the machine, … Continue reading

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Just Like Home

I stopped by Ranch 99 at 3 o’clock today, absolutely famish and wanted to eat the whole store. It was a sign because I saw this for $1.99/lb imported from Vietnam. This fruit isn’t all that flavorful, like a mango … Continue reading

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Nothing to show for

I got my Kindle a few weeks ago and I’ve been reading a storm, neglecting my fiber life. I finished the Millennium series, World Without End (K. Follet), Cutting for Stone (Verghese) , Outlander (Gabaldon), Hotel on the Corner of … Continue reading

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What big feet you have

With all that fur, sometime it’s hard to see all of Kroger’s body parts. Well, there are the helicopter ears, the twitching nose, and the fluffy coat. The best parts are his powerful hind legs that allow him to hop … Continue reading

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