Just Like Home

I stopped by Ranch 99 at 3 o’clock today, absolutely famish and wanted to eat the whole store. It was a sign because I saw this for $1.99/lb imported from Vietnam. This fruit isn’t all that flavorful, like a mango or a durian, but it is refreshing and perfect for a 90 degrees day. The flavor is mild, not too sweet or tart and the texture is similar to a kiwi.

While traveling in Vietnam from Saigon to Mui Ne, I saw fields after field of these cactus, propped on sturdy poles laden with the fuchsia fruits. One would have thoughts these plants originate from Vietnam, but they originate from Mexico and brought over by the French. We call it Thanh Long, or as known as sweet pitayas.

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One Response to Just Like Home

  1. Cheryl says:

    Are they good? I just got back from Hawaii & saw those there. For some reason I just walked on by. They call them Dragon Fruit there.

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