The Ribber

The sock machine is a temperamental beast and the ribber deserves a love/hate relationship. One day it would happily oblige to do everything you ask, and the next day it would sulk and drop one or two stitches all the way back at the beginning of the sock.

The ribber in my Simplex gave me grief last week. For the last several days, I’ve tinkered with the settings and as a revenge, it dropped more and more stitches. I adjusted the ribber timing, replaced new needles, sanded smooth the ribber slots, sprayed gun lubricants, adjusted the height of the ribber, changed yarn, adjusted knitting tension, and adjusted the ribber stop. Nothing worked. The latch, for no particular reason, would close at a random location. After I put back the stitch, knitted a few rows and the latch would close at a different location on the sock. I thought it was great timing that the Soxophonic posted a great tutorial on the ribber while I’m experiencing this difficulty, but all my attempts to fix the ribber ended in failure…

As a last ditch effort before tossing the ribber out the window, I adjusted the height of the yarn carrier so that it hovers just above the ribber needle. The distance should be about the thickness of the credit card. In the sock machine world, everything has to be at the right time AND the right place. I’ve slightly lowered the ribber and inadvertently increased the distance between the top of the ribber needle and the yarn carrier and threw the timing out of sync.

Happy dance! I hit the sweet spot. No more skipping stitches no matter how fast I crank. I’m back in bliss again and all is forgiven.

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