My company just renewed its lease on the current office building. It is a huge relief for all of us as it is centrally located and near public transportation. However, the number of floors for lease will be reduced dramatically and we are encouraged to give up our own workspace and telecommute most days. I will miss my office terribly, but scheech…. telecommute! Hands up enthusiastic me! I’m neither a control freak nor a workaholic, plus I’m self motivated and my job is technical and does not require person to person interaction.

I’ve been telecommuting one day per week since last month and I’m liking it. I have a break in my routine and give more thoughts about planning my work schedule. Furthermore, I also have more time to catch up on taking care of me, such as getting a blood test and making an appointment for a physical exam with my doctor. Best of all, I can take an hour here and there to be involved in my boy’s life and return home to catch up with my work.

So it was a glorious day last week that his high school had a home meet and I was there to cheer him. This is the America that I rarely see. It was a wonderful to see football practice in the afternoon, cheer leaders doing flips on human pyramids, and off course, sitting in the bleachers screaming GO ______!

We were out ran and out numbered by a much larger team but our team was in high spirit and my son PR’ed. I hope he will remember this moment with fondness when he, many years later, works in an office high rise and dreams of taking some time off to embarrass his children.

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