Christmas Ornaments

I can crank a pair of socks on the sock machine for one hour, but I can also hand knit a sock for one hour. Okay, these are not really socks. They are Christmas ornaments that look like socks. It’s too early to think about Christmas but The Ships Project wants these to arrive in time for the troops around the world before Christmas. The pattern was generously provided by littlecottonrabbit and I love everything about her work. Her knitted animals are the hottest thing. Each are unique and they are stalked by her fans the moment they are listed for sale. I don’t have the perserverance and I’ve not been lucky to win one. I hope she’ll write a book so that I would knit rabbits, mouses, badgers, elephants, bears, etc. and their outfits all day.

Meanwhile, I’m having fun designing the Fair Isle pattern on the cuff of the sock. I found a lot of inspirations in the book Traditional Fair Isle Knitting by Sheila McGregor.


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