Killer Knitting Moves

Some knitters are pickers and some are throwers. As a child, I learned to throw but have moved on to picking as an adult. I do both knitting moves to reduce strains on the hands and wrists. But today’s situation demands a good throwing technique.

On most days, I take a commuter express bus to work. Today after getting on the bus at 6 AM, I found a seat by the window was looking forward to catch up some z. In came the bus this 300 lbs guy, wearing a big jacket, all puffed up like a Michelin man, carrying a big briefcase and totally flopped down at the seat next to me. He put his briefcase in front of his legs, spreaded his bulk into my seat, folded his arms and wedged me against the window

This is when the killer knitting move comes in. I quietly took out my needles and do the throw. Knit 1…jab., purl 2…jab. My elbow found his ribs, hidden somewhere, and poked him good to give me some breathing room. Next time, he’ll get the sharp end of the needles.


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Blogging about knitting, making yarn, and making socks.
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