St. Helens from Cascade

I first fell in love with the St. Helens spindle from Cascade Spindle because of the spalted maple. What a beautiful wood. Not splashy like Zebra wood or Rose de Bois (we’ll talk about it later), but a wood that is full of dignity and character. I love the thin black wavy lines going everywhere but nowhere like a child’s doodle.

But spalted maple is a notoriously unbalanced wood and it is an labor intensive process to make the wood suitable for the whorl according to the Cascade folks. My first St. Helens was beautiful, but it lacks that smooth ride that I covet because the whorl was a tad out of balance. So I sent it back and got a replacement. This one glides like butter because everything is true: hook, shaft and whorl are all in alignment and it’s a bliss to let this thing rip.

The fiber is white and black Blue Faced Leicester and was crock pot dyed at the Studio 66 Retreat last May.


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