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Beret Season

Burrrr! It has been cold in Southern California and we are ditching our flip flops for boots and pony tails for berets. These are super quick Olympic Tams from NeedleAddict. I made some modifications to the pattern at the top … Continue reading

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Happy Thanksgiving

My kids are not blessed in the food department. I can put food on the table but it isn’t my passion. My sister, on the other hand, loves to cook and prepare elaborate meals. For Thanksgiving, we always come down … Continue reading

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Juneberry is here

Juneberry was a satisfying lace project. It is sufficiently complex to keep me interested but a small project that takes just less than two weeks to complete. The pattern was downloaded from Jared Flood web site and the charts are … Continue reading

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Kroger Update

It has been a while since Kroger made it in my blog so this is an update that he is doing fine, although he is loosing his gumption again and no longer wants to make the perilous trek up the … Continue reading

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CPW Greyhound Cross Country Journey

My Canadian Production Wheel made the cross country journey on a Greyhound bus from New Jersey to California. Thanks to the CPW Underground Railroad, a fellow spinner was kind enough to pick up the wheel from my sister, unassembled it, … Continue reading

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Pocket Wheel

After almost a year of waiting, my pocket wheel finally came home. He is made of cherry and weights just 7 lbs. He takes full-sized bobbins and can spin thin yarn just like the big guys. His highest ratio is … Continue reading

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Tibetan Spindle Eye Candy

Traditional Tibetan spindles are very plain, just a stick with a stone or even a hex nut used as the center weight and spun in a bowl. For Americans with deep pockets and access to the world’s rare woods, the … Continue reading

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