Alice Starmore – Aran Knitting

Many times, I told my husband that in case I get accidentally hit by a bus, he can donate all my books, except the Alice Starmore ones. These books worth a lot of money and can finance a nice vacation (okay, maybe a nice staycation). They are my prize and joy because I’ve collecting and knitting them for more than 20 years. I would not sell my original hard cover Aran Knitting book even when it went as high as $250 on eBay. I am not at all disappointed when the updated soft bound version of Aran Knitting came out, and it is now selling at Amazon for under $20. Many knitters have a defining moment while reading an Elizabeth Zimmermann book, but for me, it’s the Aran Knitting book. This book demystifies cables. I knitted Irish Mosh and St. Brigid and my fingers were flying because somehow I just knew when the next twist would happen.

Imagine my happiness that Alice had not only refreshed the original book but also designed a new pattern, Eala Bhan, in the new edition. This new sweater is more feminine and shapely than the original patterns that were designed in the 80’s. The yarn for this sweater is a 2-ply and instead of a 3-ply, the small cables are more appropriate for petite me, and the sweater is shapely with a modern silhouette. So I bought the new edition, layout out my Virtual Yarns shade cards and dream of the perfect color for Eala Bhan.


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