CPW Greyhound Cross Country Journey

My Canadian Production Wheel made the cross country journey on a Greyhound bus from New Jersey to California. Thanks to the CPW Underground Railroad, a fellow spinner was kind enough to pick up the wheel from my sister, unassembled it, packed it and shipped from the Greyhound station in New Jersey.

A week later, my husband picked a very large box that took most of the office space in the Greyhound station in North Hollywood, squeezed into his Subaru, and she is back together again. She is in immaculate condition, smooth surface (no shellac bubbles), no grime, no splinters, no rust, no crack. As a huge bonus, after some minor cleaning of the bobbin and flyer rod, she practically purrs and delivers the twist that’s coveted by all CPW aficionados.

I gave her a glamor shot and she practically glows. I’m calling her Liz, after my hero, Elizabeth I and perhaps even after Liz Taylor because I saw Cleopatra when I was little, and I thought she was the most beautiful woman who walked the earth.


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