Spinning on the CPW

I have Liz for more than two weeks now and I’m getting to know her. The first few times spinning her is like climbing on a tiger’s back. She humbled me and taught me how to spin again. She is so fast. Our hands and feet are timed so that if the hands feel they must move fast, then the feet must also do the same. Try to separate the motion, like patting your head and rub your tummy. Treading faster will cause more twist and the hands feel they must move even faster, thus trapped into a speeding frenzy. Just take a deep breath, treadle at a constant speed and be confident that the hands will give the exact amount of fiber to match the pull of the wheel. It’s the Zen of spinning. Soon your crocodile brain takes over and spinning becomes effortless.

Here’s Liz wearing Polwarth wool top, in colorway Light in August, dyed by Bright Flight Studios.


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Blogging about knitting, making yarn, and making socks.
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