Flat Knitting on the Sock Machine

I’m totally unprepared for Christmas this year. By this time last year, all the socks have been wrapped, all the names have been checked, and most if not all have received their socks for Christmas. Between my new interest for photography, the spinning guild, the CPW, the lace shawls, the dyes, etc., my sock machines have been sadly neglected.

So yesterday, I sat down on the 96 cylinder and for the first time instead of knitting around in circles, I cranked back/forth for a flat piece. It was easy! Really, I should have been more adventurous with this thing. The yarn is triple of the 2-ply Merino/Angora from Pat Fly and it is perfect for a soft and warm scarf. After a preliminary blocking to reduce the curling, I knitted a garter stitch border and got BORED! I should have knitted with thicker yarn, which would saved me from picking up about 500 stitches along the border. This scarf isn’t much to look at but was a learning experience.

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Blogging about knitting, making yarn, and making socks.
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