Buying Photography Gears

I’m a knitter most of my life and an amateur photographer for the last six months. I’m used to dealing with nice fiber-arts folks who love what they do and share their enthusiasm with anyone who would listen. Fiber folks do things like giving up their careers, become fiber producing farmers, or become passionate teachers so that they can share their knowledge and be with other fiber folks. We are a small and intimate group and everyone knows everyone else. Reputation is everything and we strive to put the best of ourselves out there. My friend Janice who is a rep. for Spinolution spinning wheels once drove 500 miles to fix a wheel from a buyer. She also send me free-of-charge drive bands to replace the ones Kroger chewed (twice!).

I’m a babe in the wood when it comes to photography. I had a rude awakening dealing with an unscrupulous on-line seller. I felt into a bait and switch scam and I’m the owner of some camera equipment that I did not want and can not return. The good thing is that it is a relatively inexpensive lesson and I’m now especially weary of sellers/marketers in the photography business. The experience reminds me of the movie Don’t Mess with Zohan when he was steered from working in an electronics store in NYC. Funny, but not if it is you.

If you ever need to buy high-end camera equipment, do yourself a favor by checking the reviews from independent sources. I especially like where you can learn much about photography for free and donate to the site by directing you to reputable merchants. I got some gears at Adorama through this site at a great deal including free express shipping for Christmas. The items are en route and I look forward to take photos with a 35mm fixed lens like it was in the old days before the zoom lens dominated the market.

Meanwhile, I’m happy to be in the fiber world. The people are nice and you get to deal with fluff everyday.

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