Christmas Present

Merry Christmas everyone! Let’s count our blessings and hope that the best is yet to come.

Santa came today driving a UPS truck. He delivered the final package from Adorama and my photography gears are now complete. I’ve heard so much about the 35mm 1.8G lens and decided to get a new camera just to be able to take pictures with it. The camera is an entry level DSLR Nikon 3100 and also came with a 18-55mm kit lens. I waited until today to put the camera together and it is amazing. Squeeze! I haven’t have time to read the manual, I just put on aperture priority mode and below are the first few photos taken with the 35mm 1.8G lens.

Landscape: Benson house (historic house designed by Frank Gehry) and blue sky after the eight days of record rain.

Close up of Samurai bean bags (souvenirs from Japan) and cacti.

Can we say sharp?


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One Response to Christmas Present

  1. Great shots here! I love that blue sky with the jet trail!! Great!!

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