Back to Cranking

I’ve been an Energizer bunny and cranked 13 pairs of socks between Christmas and New Year. I found a sweet spot on the Legare 400 with the 72-cylinder and it sings! I threw in all kinds of yarns and it took everything in stride and produced one perfect sock after another. It ribs perfectly and the heel can be knitted extra tight for durability. I think I might just leave it in permanently and use the 64-cylinder on the Simplex.

Socks heaven…

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Blogging about knitting, making yarn, and making socks.
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One Response to Back to Cranking

  1. Paulette Zarkos says:

    I am wanting to buy a sock machine and have a line on an auto knitter for seven hundred dollars canadian… I have no idea what constitutes a good or a fair price for these machines. It is in working order and has some spare parts… can you help me out here…
    Thanks so much

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