Rainy Days

Will this rain ever going to stop? The weather report forecasts rain showers for now, tonight, tomorrow and tomorrow night!

Meanwhile, I’ve been reading some great photography books by Michael Freeman, The Photographer’s Eye and The Photographer’s Mind and Take Your Photography to the Next Level by George Barr. Among the three, I can identify most with George’s book because his writing is so down-to-earth and I can relate to this still life photos. They are abstract and the subject isn’t going anywhere, where as the photos by Freeman are about daily lives. His subjects are constantly moving and taking these photos requires anticipating the next move to be at the exact position at a moment in time. Too difficult for me. Vinh gave me George’s book for Christmas and it is among one of the best Christmas gift I’ve ever received.

What to do when it rains? Take rain photos. This was supposed to be an abstract of the window screen but I do see a running man — or the rain is making me crazy. Check it out. Hint: His eye is in the middle (vertical) top third (horizontal) of the photo.

I’m also making steady progress on the Aeolian Shawl. I made a mistake reading the chart! It isn’t really my fault, really. I printed the pattern on a black/white printer and the red squares look just like the gray squares so there aren’t any beads in the center. The beads are now being added on the edge of the shawl and might become an unintentional design element.


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