Finished Aeolian Shawl

The Aeolian shawl took three weeks and it’s a lot easier than I thought. I always have a crisis of confidence every time I start a lace project because I’ve tried two lace projects in the past and failed miserably. One was an Orenburg shawl and the other was an Alice Starmore scarf. Despite my best attempts, I could not make them work and they taught me to pick lace projects carefully.

This shawl has eight repeats of the yucca chart and two repeats of the agave chart. It is between the shoulderette and full-sized versions and the wing span is about five feet. There are no beads in the yucca and agave, but there are beads along the edge. The shawl is light, floats in the air because of the mohair, but also has excellent drape because of the beads. However, it’s a pain take a good photo of this shawl because it has no color, fuzzy, and the beads get lost in the fuzz. Furthermore, the camera hates to focus on a fuzzy surface so I had to whip out the tripod and used the timed shutter release.

For those who are sitting on the fence about this project, go for it!


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2 Responses to Finished Aeolian Shawl

  1. Trang says:

    wow….I am very impresses….the shawl is beautiful

  2. Winifred says:

    My only 3 weeks. It’s really gorgeous.

    I started this shawl about a year ago as my first attempt at lace knitting. Had to put it down as my husband was ill. Just come back to it and I’m struggling to pick it up again.

    I’m at the point of setting up the pattern for the edging after the Final Agave chart. Need to concentrate and stop watching telly! Just wish I’d picked a plain wool and not a shaded one. Think the pattern would have stood out more.

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