Past Glory

I went to the Belly Dancing Super Stars show yesterday and it isn’t what it used to be. As I walked into the Civic Center, I knew I was with the wrong crowd because there were just too many kids and TO people. It turns out that the large auditorium was for a pet show and the small auditorium was for the Super Stars. It its hey day, the BDSS packed top notch theaters and was compared to Riverdance. The dancers and the music are still wonderful but the fad is gone, and it is sad to see all that glory comes to a sputtering end. The original eights dancers are gone, including Jillina (the most charismatic) and Rachel Brice (most talented). I was glad to see Issam but I miss seeing Sonia (the most beautiful) dancing for him.

No photography was allowed in the theater but I stayed behind to take some photos of the TO Civic Center at night. This was taken on the Lumix and exposed for eight seconds.


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