Red Finch

I have a huge respect for people who shoot wildlife photos. They are eternal optimists and have the patience of a saint. They would sit in an outhouse for days, sometimes under freezing or burning weather hoping to get a one-in-a-million photo of the animal. I’m a lazy photographer so I’ll take anything outside my window. I live in the mountain and there seems to be a zillion little birds tweeting while I try to sleep (I wish they would shut up!). So what’s difficult about taking pictures of birds? Well, they are skittish, they don’t follow directions, and I don’t have a telephoto lens that can shoot the moon.

But I can afford bait and trickery. I went to the store and bought eight pounds of bird seeds and a remote shutter release so that I can take pictures without touching the camera. I put the camera on the tripod about four feet from the feeder, hid behind the curtain and waited. Yawn! Either my tripod looked like a scarecrow or there were plenty of food else where, but only a few showed up and they were quicker than a flash.

This little guy is a red finch (I think). The yellow ones are more common but they don’t take the bait.

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