Hiking Trail

I was at the Las Virgenes View trail last week. This is a good time to visit the Santa Monica mountain because it is still cool and lush. By late summer the mountain will be a cinder box.

I took the boys on this trail ten years ago. They were spending too much time on the console so I dragged them here. They hated it and probably hated me too. It was a hot day and we ran out of water in 20 minutes. The hike ended abruptly when they saw a rattlesnake and begged to go home. Well, I was at the top and I’m disappointed. The view looks just like my backyard, which is gray rolling hills dotted with oak trees and low growing shrubs.

At the mountain…

At home… not much difference. This oak tree has been falling into the ravine and not sure if it should grow upright or sideway.


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